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Introducing the Northern Research Station

The North Central Research Station and the Northeastern Research Station have joined to form the Northern Research Station. Our 20-state region spans the Midwest from Minnesota to Missouri and the Northeast from Maine to Maryland.

NC News Archives

NC News is a monthly publication of the North Central Research Station and highlights current research efforts, research accomplishments and North Central people in the news.

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Issue Story Keywords
Spring Soil Carbon Reductions Last fall, NC’s Christian Giardina and Noah Karberg were part of a study published in Nature on how future environments may alter forest function. The effort was led by Dr. Wendy Loya and Dr. Kurt Pregitzer of Michigan Technological University in close cooperation with NC’s Houghton Work Unit. Using the Rhinelander, Wisconsin, Free Air Carbon Enrichment (FACE) site, the study compared soil carbon formation rates in northern forests grown in the presence of two gases— elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) and ozone (O3)—with forests grown in elevated CO2 alone. When O3 was in the mix, forests accrued 51 percent less total soil carbon and 48 percent less decay-resistant carbon. The "ozone effect" is important, since this component of smog has risen 35 percent over the last century. "Large areas of the Earth are already exposed to ground-level ozone at concentrations known to be toxic to plants," says Pregitzer. "But few studies have examined ozone’s effect on naturally growing forests, and we’re the only one evaluating both CO2 and ozone."
$21 Million Gift to Hardwood Center Charles Michler, Director of NC’s Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center (HTIRC), loves to talk to landowner groups. As a speaker, he’s honest about what it will take to make fine hardwoods even finer: "I always mention the need for graduate students, for land for trials, and for an endowment—a way of financing longterm research."
Hardwood Planting Tips NC researchers and colleagues have issued a series of publications entitled Planting and Care of Fine Hardwood Seedlings. The topics include planting tips, soils, nursery production, finance, plantings for wildlife, and wildlife damage to hardwood plantations.
Down Woody Matter Matters NC’s Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) crews are taking a new measure of forest health by counting the downed woody material (DWM) that crunches and decays underfoot. "Fallen trees, branches, and leaf litter play an important role in policy and management decisions," says North Central forester Chris Woodall, FIA’s National Indicator Advisor for DWM, "especially when it comes to fire-risk mitigation, habitat conservation, and carbon accounting."
Fuels Reduction Roadshow FIA researchers are making the most of DWM data by creating new mapping and modeling technologies. These kinds of tools were on display at a recent "Fuels Reduction Roadshow" at Eastern Region headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Fall Mapshots in Time: New Web Site Captures a Changing Midwest Maps on the Changing Midwest Landscape Web page depict changes in human population, housing density, forest cover types, relative abundance of birds, oak decline, and more.
Oak Wilt CD Puts Expert Seminars in Your Laptop Jennifer Juzwik, and a multidisciplinary team developed a multimedia CD titled "Oak Wilt: People and Trees--A Community approach to Management"
Remembering Dave Shriner After a valiant struggle against cancer, Assistant Director David Shriner passed away at his family home in Kingston, Tennessee, July 25, 2003, leaving behind a sad NC workforce.
Early Career Award "A Day in the Life of a Marten" Researcher, Pat Zollner, Wins Early Career Award
A Change of Leadership at North Central Robert Doudrick and James Gooder will oversee the Station's research work units and, with the rest of North Central's Executive Team, establish Station direction and program, including budget.
Spring Fire Preparedness: It Takes a Village Individuals can do much to reduce risk to their own properties, but communities are the real key to wildfire preparedness.
New Tools for Fire Weather Forecasters The dream of a Web-based fire-weather prediction tool for our region is becoming a reality.
Gaining Community Trust: Public Perceptions of Fire Management Treatment Citizens respond to fire management treatments in various ways, depending on where they live, how much they know about wildland fires, and how they perceive the risks imposed by the threat of fire and fire treatments.
A Window into Succession: Adding Fire Risk to LANDIS The new LANDIS will simulate:
  • changes in live and dead biomass, and quality and quantity of fuel, leading the health of the land. to a more accurate prediction of fuel buildup and fire’s response to fuels
  •  the effects of fuel reduction treatments on wildfire spread
  • outbreaks of insects or disease that could lead to fuel buildup
  • the influence of roads on the incidence and spread of fires.
Fall Emerald Ash Borer NC's Insect SWAT Team responds to latest forest threat.
Human Face on Restoration An award winning book sheds light on Chicago controversy.
Definitive Oak Reference The state-of-the-science in oak ecology and the state-of-the-art in oak management, now in one volume.
Indiana Bats Betting on knowledge to help save a bat species.
New Wildlife-Habitat Book Building a bridge between disciplines: Haight edits landmark collection.
Spring New Timber Resources Report How much wood are we using and Where does it come from?  Findings from the New Timber Resources Report.
Mapmaker Miles Wins Tech Transfer Award Make your own maps, thanks to award winner, Pat Miles.
The Secret Chemical life of Plants Plants use highly evolved defenses to ward off insects.  NC Scientists are learning more about them.
Meet Randy Kolka Randy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his new role as leader of Riparian and Aquatic Ecosystems research unit.
Fire Modeling at NC Breathing Easier: Understanding Atmospheric Effects on Fire Behavior and Smoke Movement.

Growing under the Influence (of CO2 and Ozone)


At the FACE (Free-air Carbon dioxide Enrichment) site, scientist study the effects of elevated levels of CO2 and Ozone, levels anticipated in the century,, on the forest and the effects of the forest on the atmosphere.



A new way to store and share research results.
Libraries in the Internet Age Are libraries obsolete?  Far from it.  Librarians are finding new ways to deliver information.
Learning About Trees from the Roots Up "The most interesting part of the forest is the part you can't see." --Kurt Pregitzer
People on the Move Employees
July-September A day in the life of an FIA field Crew Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA), field crew, data collection, sampling, quality assurance, plot measurement
FIA Team wins NC's Excellence in Technology Transfer Award Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA), technology transfer, Forest Health Monitoring, sampling, plot selection annual forest inventory, Southern Research Station, McRoberts, Brand, Nelson, Wendt, Nimerfro, Smith
CASE Media Fellowship: Where journalists become immersed in their subject Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, University of Minnesota, environmental journalists 
Face to Face at FACE--a gathering of science collaborators at the Free Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment (FACE) experiment Free Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment (FACE), ozone, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, forest health, global climate change
The Knowledge Store opens at our new web site Web site, online publications, databases, maps, software, Dietzman, Hobrla
April-June Fire in the Hills - Landmark Study of Fuel Loading in the Ozarks Ozarks, Missouri, Columbia, National Fire Plan, Fire, Fuels Management, Lowenstein
Buried Treasure Reveals an Active Afterlife for Riparian Trees -- Ancient Wood in Missouri Streams Missouri, Water, Dendrochronology, Tree Rings, Riparian, Decay, Reforestation, Silviculture, Bottomlands, Columbia, Dey, Guyette
When Land Use Leads to Land Loss: Preventing Sedimentation in the Nemadji River Basin Hydrology, Sedimentation, Riparian, Watersheds, Minnesota, Grand Rapids, Verry, Carlton County
Sustaining Traditional Eco-Knowledge Minnesota, Indian, Native American, Culture, Baskets, Castillo, Zasada, Black Ash, Conservation Education
People on the Move Employees
January-March New Developments in Fire Research Fire, National Fire Plan Research, Shriner, NC Fire Research
The Surprising Connection Between New Housing and Oak Wilt Oak Wilt, Forest Diseases, Forest Pathology, Minnesota, St. Paul, Land Use, Juzwik
Jim Mattson, Engineer Extraordinaire, Retires Michigan, Houghton, Engineering, Awards, Mattson, Harvesting, Transporting, Processing, Wood
People on the Move Employees
Professor Crow Returns to NC with Highest Honors Grand Rapids, Minnesota, Ecologist, Northern Hardwood Silviculture, Crow, Theodore Roosevelt Chair University of Michigan, Ecosystem Management
October-December New Acoustic Detector Helps Locate Asian Longhorned Beetles -- Listening in on Beetle Bites Asian Longhorned Beetle, Invasive Species, Insects, Chicago, New York, East Lansing, Haack, Poland, Bauer, Petrice
Red Leaves Over Beijing: The Search for Pesticides Asian Longhorned Beetle, Invasive Species, Insects, China, Pesticides, East Lansing, Haack
A Beetle's Natural Enemies Are a Tree's Best Friend Asian Longhorned Beetle, Invasive Species, Predators, Insects, East Lansing, Bauer
When Your Backyard is Ground-Zero: Social Research Helps Improve Communication About Beetle Control Asian Longhorned Beetle, Invasive Species, Social Science, Chicago, Barro
Atlas of Lakes "Most Likely to be Developed" Landscape Ecology, Maps, Rhinelander, GIS, Gustafson
An Awarding Career: Richard Dickson's 32 Years of Service Tree Physiology, Wisconsin, Rhinelander, Awards, Dickson, FACE
August-September People on the Move Employees
New Career Flowers for Retiree Cecich Missouri, Columbia, Silviculture, Genetics, Tree Propagation, Hardwoods, Oak, Music, Dobro
Johnson Leaves Silvicultural Legacy Missouri, Columbia, Silviculture, Hardwoods, Oak, Forest Regeneration, Distinguished Scientist, Awards
Riemenschneider Persists with Hybrid Poplar Program Wisconsin, Rhinelander, Poplar, Cottonwood, Tree Propagation, Intensive Forestry
Security in an Insecure World Safety, Security, Terrorism
New Book Examines Human Side of Ecological Restoration Evanston, Chicago, Illinois, Restoration, Social Sciences, Ecosystem Renewal, Sustainability, Gobster
June-July A Succession of Successes: Jud Isebrands Wins Distinguished Scientist Award Rhinelander, Wisconsin, Global Climate Change, Tree Physiology, Distinguished Scientist, FACE, Carbon Sequestration, Growth, Awards, Isebrands
Protecting the Commons: Haight Wins Quality Research Award St. Paul, Minnesota, Quality Research, Conservation Biology, Wildlife, Modeling, Awards, Haight
Hearing the Whole Community: Westphal and Gobster Win Multicultural Achievement Award Evanston, Illinois, Outreach, Environmental Justice, Chicago Rivers, Social Science, Sampling, Interviewing, Awards, Westphal, Gobster
Closing the Loop: Black Walnut Expert Jerry Van Sambeek Wins Technology Transfer Award Black Walnut, Columbia, Walnut Council, Technology Transfer, Awards, Van Sambeek
People on the Move Employees
April-May Are Winters Getting Warmer? The Social Side of Global Climate Change Global Climate Change, FACE, Jakes, Potter, Carr, St. Paul
Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Storm-Recovery Workshop Gathers Force Mattson, Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Wind, Storm-Recovery, Superior National Forest, Shriner, University of Minnesota
Getting to Know Deb Dietzman, NC's New Director of Communications Research Information, Communications, Web, Internet, Strategic Plan, Dietzman, St. Paul
The Evolution of Public Opinion About Forest Roads Forest Policy, Attitudes, Values, Beliefs, Measuring Media, Bengston, Fan, InfoTrend, Social Science, St. Paul
For Frog's Sake: Linking Research to Conservation Efforts Columbia, Missouri, Frogs, Herbec, Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, PARC, Thompson, Wetlands, Habitat
February-March Aliens Within: Preventing Pest Invasions Within U.S. Borders Oak Wilt, Juzwik, Ostry, Kudzu, Purple Loosestrife, Dutch Elm Disease, Zebra Mussels, Butternut Canker, Bark Beetles, Haack, St. Paul, East Lansing, Pathology, Insects, Diseases, Invasive Species
New Book on Managing Riparian Forests Grand Rapids, Eastern United States, Watershed Management, Hydrology, Verry, Hornbeck, Dolloff,
Research Natural Areas - Hayes Tower RNA Reflects History As Well As Research Potential Pine, Oak, Forest, Huron-Manistee National Forest, RNA, Michigan
Jerry Van Sambeek Helps China Replant After the Floods Walnut, Black Walnut, Reforestation, China, Floods, Columbia, Hardwoods, Van Sambeek
People on the Move Employees
December-January Station Director's Message for the New Year Integrated Research Programs, Strategic Vision and Plan, Communications Plan, Partnerships, Cooperation, Donoghue
People on the Move Employees
Basket Weavers Gather at NC Black Ash Workshop Civil Rights, Zasada, Castillo, Black Ash, Basketry, Ojibwe, Mohawk
North Central Cosigns Tribal Gathering Rights Agreement Ceded Treaty Rights, Chippewa, MOU, Isebrands, Zasada, Hiawatha, Ottawa, Chaquamegon-Nicolet, Huron-Manistee, Forest Plans, Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission, GLIFWIC
Kissing Toads and Greening Brownfields - Research in the Rustbelt (The Calumet Project) Ecological Restoration, Brownfields, Calumet, Evanston, Chicago, Heavy Industry, Pollution, Westphal, Verry, Land Use, Superfund
How Nature Heals - Lessons From the Boundary Waters Blowdown Silviculture, Zasada, Gilmore, Mattson, Forest Succession, Synecology, Silviculture, Superior National Forest, BWCAW, Windstorms
October-November North Central Research Station Provides Millennium Tree for U.S. Capitol, Gift to the Nation is a Gift from Research Rhinelander, Wisconsin, Riemenschneider, National Christmas Tree, Congress, Millennium Tree, Matthew Evans, White Spruce
Rudolph Was A Researcher Paul Rudolph, Silviculture, Pioneer Scientist
Research Helped Wisconsin Forests Rise From the Ashes Gene Francisco, Wisconsin State Forester, Virginia Mountford, Wisconsin Christmas Tree Producers Association
What Are They Studying Now? Rhinelander Research Roundup Global Climate Change, Short-Rotation Intensive Culture Forestry, Forest Insect Research, Landscape Ecology, Northern Forest Silviculture, Forest Biotechnology
NC Helps Wisconsin Celebrate - The Millennium Tree Grand Tour Conservation Education, Community Celebrations, Essay Contest, Homemade Decorations, WAHCE, Wisconsin Association for Home and Community Education
Special Delivery By Train AMTRAK, Governor Thompson, Sue Ann Thompson, Dennis Hastert, Chief Mike Dombeck
August-September Here Comes the Neighborhood! A New Gold Rush and Eleven Other Trends Affecting the Midwest Mike Vasievich, East Lansing, Midwest, Trends, Land Use,
Coming Home to the Urban Fringe Chicago, Evanston, Illinois, Homes, Recreation, Social Science
If You Don't Like the Climate Wait 'Til the Landscape Changes Heilman, Potter, East Lansing, Global Climate Change, Climatology, Microclimate
Emergency Funds Directed to Asian Longhorned Beetle Research Haack, East Lansing, Insects, Invasive Species, Asian Longhorned Beetle
People on the Move Employees
June-July Special Issue
A Common Focus: A Confluence of Ideas Introducing North Central Research Station's Integrated Research Programs
Integrate Research Programs, Landscape Change, Forest Productivity, Riparian Landscapes, St. Paul, Donoghue
From Landscapes to Lots: Understanding and Managing Landscape Change Urban Sprawl, Land Use, Integrated Research
Sustainable Forests: Managing Forests More Productively Forestry, Nurseries, Fragmentation, Integrated Research
Decision's at the Water's Edge: Sustaining Riparian Landscapes Hydrology, Watershed Management, Wetlands, Integrated Research
April-May Creating Opportunities in Young Aspen Stands Grand Rapids, Zasada, Riemenschneider, Mattson, Silviculture, Thinning, Carbon Sequestration, CROPS
People on the Move Employees
Bundling Up With Nature's Insulator: Chunkwood Trials Forest Engineering, Mattson, Houghton, Road Construction, Wetlands, Environmental Mitigation
Novel Synthesis Wins Quality Research Award Haack, Mattson, Insects, Quality Research Award, Sawfly
March Seeing With New Eyes: Crow Wins Distinguished Scientist Award Crow, Rhinelander, Distinguished Scientist Award, Landscape Ecology
Research Natural Areas: How to Choose Nature's Classrooms Modeling, Operations Analysis, St. Paul, RNA, Research Natural Areas, Haight, Snyder, Superior National Forest
Presidential Award Winner Palik Leads with "Integrative" Thinking Brian Palik, Grand Rapids, Ecologist, Riparian Landscapes, Award
Award Winning Bug Team Answers Pine Shoot Beetle Call Technology Transfer Award, Pine Shoot Beetle, Haack, Poland, Petrice, East Lansing, Insects
February Feeding Fiber To A Hungry Nation - NC's Newest Work Unit Intensive Forestry, Short-Rotation, Hybrid Poplar, Rhinelander, Riemenschneider
Banking on Soil for Longterm Productivity Columbia, Missouri, Ponder, Soils, Central Hardwood Forests, Long-term Site Productivity
Rising CO2 Levels May Be a Boon For Some Forest Insects Rhinelander, Wisconsin, FACE, Insects, Birch, Aphids, Gypsy Moths
RPGrow$ -- Red Pine Spreadsheet Predicts Growth and Yield and Financial Returns Modeling, Growth and Yield, Forest Economics, Predictors, Vasievich, East Lansing, Michigan
People on the Move Employees
Bigger Gaps, Better Forests? Strong, Rhinelander, Wisconsin, Argonne Experimental Forest, Silviculture, Sustainable Forestry, Guidelines, Biodiversity
January Happy New Year! Director's Message to Clients, Cooperators, and Employees Shriner and Lorimer New Assistant Research Directors Donoghue, Shriner, Lorimer, Leadership, Integrated Research, Year In Review
People on the Move Employees
After the Floods Come the Forests Columbia, Missouri, Dey, Missouri River, Bottomlands, Pruning, Biodiversity, Silviculture
Owl Symposium Proceedings to Play Important Role in Owl Conservation and Management Owls, Northern Hemisphere, Trends, Conservation, Boreal Forests

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