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North Central
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Understanding Atmosphere-Ecosystem Interactions at Multiple Scales


[Photograph]: Fire Weather - a scenic picture of cloud formations above a tree line.


Research Mission

Improve understanding of how the atmosphere interacts with the physical, biological, and social components of ecosystems at multiple spatial and temporal scales; provide new information related to the effects of atmosphere-ecosystem interactions on ecosystem processes and functions; provide relevant atmosphere-ecosystem interaction information and tools to aid in the development of policies and management strategies for these ecosystems.

Hot Topics

[Banner]: the logo for the Eastern Area Modeling Consortium (EAMC).

The Eastern Area Modeling Consortium (EAMC) is a multi-agency coalition of researchers, fire managers, air-quality managers, and natural resource managers at the Federal, State, and local levels working to

bulleted itemincrease understanding of fire behavior and smoke dispersion
bulleted itemexpand knowledge of the physics of fire-atmosphere interactions on all scales
bulleted itemenhance ability to predict and respond to the dangers of prescribed fires and wildfires
bulleted itemdevelop products and transfer new technologies related to national and regional fire-weather and air-quality dynamics

Currently, the Eastern Area Modeling Consortium provides two types of weather products.  Maps show current and future weather patterns over various regions of the United States.  Time series products indicate how conditions are likely to change at a given location over a 48 hour period.  Each type of product is available for specific weather variables or indicators.

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