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A Program in Sustaining Forest Ecosystems

The LTSP Network: An International Partnership

[Photograph]: Dr. Felix Ponder on the Missouri LTSP Site.

LTSP research focuses on the joint role of soil porosity and site organic matter and their effect on the site processes that control productivity.  The study is being carried out through the standard series of experimental treatments designed to create varying degrees of stress and to provide measures of biological response and soil recovery.  Work centers on the national forest lands in the Unites States and dedicated sites in Canada covering major forest and soil types.  The Canadian sites are managed by the Canadian Forest Service in Ontario and the British Columbia Ministry of Forests.  The experimental sites are protected from conflicting uses and are dedicated to long-term research.

Map of The LTSP Network

Map of the LTSP Network - the map shows the range of commercial forest in green, and the location of LTSP sites and affiliated sites, along with locations of commercial forest -  throuhgout the United States and Canada.

Affiliated Sites

Core sites, indicated by yellow circles above, are sites that are following the LTSP experimental design. Affiliated sites, as indicated by the red triangles, are sites where similar research is being conducted.  These sites with treatments similar to LTSP can complements the aims of the main study.  Researchers investigating questions in common with LTSP have been welcomed into an expanded research family.  Affiliate field experiments are ear-marked by sound experimental design, certain treatments in common with LTSP, and by their investigators' willingness to follow certain measurement protocols and share data and findings.  Benefits include expanding the network of field sites and researchers, and establishing links between experimental and operational treatments.  Affiliate members in the Unites States and Canada include Federal, provincial, university and private sector scientists.  They participate actively at annual LTSP Technical Committee meetings.

Core LTSP Locations

> California
> Gulf Coast (LA, MS, & TX)
> Idaho
> Michigan
> Minnesota
> Missouri
> West Virginia
> Wisconsin
> North Carolina
> British Columbia, Canada
> Ontario, Canada

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