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Other Great Lakes Ecological Assessment Websites:

dot.gif (71 bytes)University of Minnesota--Natural Resources Research Institute
dot.gif (71 bytes)USGS-Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center

Lake States National Forests:

dot.gif (71 bytes)Chequamegon and Nicolet National Forests
dot.gif (71 bytes)Chippewa National Forests
dot.gif (71 bytes)Hiawatha National Forest
dot.gif (71 bytes)Huron and Manistee National Forests
dot.gif (71 bytes)Ottawa National Forest
dot.gif (71 bytes)Superior National Forest

Lake States Departments of Natural Resources:

dot.gif (71 bytes)Michigan Department of Natural Resources
dot.gif (71 bytes)Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
dot.gif (71 bytes)Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

University Sites:

dot.gif (71 bytes)Michigan State University-- Department of Forestry
dot.gif (71 bytes)University of Michigan -- School of Natural Resources & Environment-- Ecosystem Management Initiative
dot.gif (71 bytes)University of Minnesota--FORNET: Enhanced Access for Forest Management
dot.gif (71 bytes)University of Wisconsin--Land Information & Computer Graphics Facility

Other assessments:

dot.gif (71 bytes)Interior Columbia River Basin Assessment
dot.gif (71 bytes)Ozark/Ouachita Highlands Assessment
dot.gif (71 bytes)Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project
dot.gif (71 bytes)Southern Appalachian Assessment
dot.gif (71 bytes)Southern Forest Resources Assessment

Related sites:

dot.gif (71 bytes)EMDS: A Knowledged Based System for Ecological Assessments; Pacific Northwest Research Station
dot.gif (71 bytes)EPA Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
dot.gif (71 bytes)USDA and USDI Joint Fire Science Program

Links to other compilations:

dot.gif (71 bytes)Great Lakes Information Network
Ecological Units of Wisconsin- First Approximation, including LandType Associations (LTAs), WIDNR, 1999
Geography of Michigan and the Great Lakes Region
dot.gif (71 bytes)
List of GIS resources - Government of British Columbia
dot.gif (71 bytes)GIS Resource Pointers on the Internet
dot.gif (71 bytes)Tall Timbers Research Station, E.V. Komarek Fire Ecology Database

Links to other Centers/Programs:

dot.gif (71 bytes)Wisconsin DNR-Forest Health Monitoring Ozone Bioindicator Network
dot.gif (71 bytes)Tall Timbers Research Station GIS

dot.gif (71 bytes)Wisconsin GIS Resources
dot.gif (71 bytes)CAST - Center For Advanced Spatial Technologies (Arkansas)
dot.gif (71 bytes)Demography & Population Studies Server (ANU)
dot.gif (71 bytes)Ohio State Geography Dept
dot.gif (71 bytes)The History of Cartography Project Home Page
dot.gif (71 bytes)ENV GIS UEA School of Environmental Sciences (UK)
dot.gif (71 bytes)United States Geological Survey Main Menu
dot.gif (71 bytes)USGS GLIS
dot.gif (71 bytes)FGDC Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
dot.gif (71 bytes)GIS Research at USGS
dot.gif (71 bytes)USGS Mid-Continent Mapping Center, Rolla, MO
dot.gif (71 bytes)U. S. Bureau of the Census Home Page
dot.gif (71 bytes)Edinburgh Geog. Home Page
dot.gif (71 bytes)Edinburgh GIS Server
dot.gif (71 bytes)National Geophysical Data Center
dot.gif (71 bytes)Geodata Institute (Southampton)
dot.gif (71 bytes)Oak Ridge Engineering Physics and Math Division:
dot.gif (71 bytes)ITRE Geographic Information Systems Program
dot.gif (71 bytes)SUNY Buffalo GIAL
dot.gif (71 bytes)EROS World Wide Web Home Page
dot.gif (71 bytes)National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis

Links to Maps, including mapping demos on the WWW:

dot.gif (71 bytes)Purdue WXP Weather Processor
dot.gif (71 bytes)
Xmountains, Fractal terrain surface generator
dot.gif (71 bytes)US Census Bureau TIGER -Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Reference System

Links to Data:

dot.gif (71 bytes)Branner Library GIS Data Collection
dot.gif (71 bytes)Geographic Data Available Online (USGS)
dot.gif (71 bytes)Downloadable USGS data
dot.gif (71 bytes)USGS Data CD's
dot.gif (71 bytes)USDA Forest Service--Forest Inventory and Analysis Database Retrieval System
dot.gif (71 bytes)National Atlas of Canada
dot.gif (71 bytes)NGDC Global Ecosystem Data Set
dot.gif (71 bytes)USGS Patuxent - Wildlife Research Center
dot.gif (71 bytes)National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) Products, U.S.G.S.
dot.gif (71 bytes)WISCLINC Wisconsin Land Information Clearinghouse


Vendors, Commercial interests:

dot.gif (71 bytes)ESRI
dot.gif (71 bytes)GEOPlace
dot.gif (71 bytes)Intergraph Online
dot.gif (71 bytes)ERDAS
dot.gif (71 bytes)Avenza
dot.gif (71 bytes)ER Mapper
dot.gif (71 bytes)Urban Information Systems

Other Resources & Miscellany:

dot.gif (71 bytes)Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office
dot.gif (71 bytes)GIS Jobs Clearinghouse...
dot.gif (71 bytes)
FGDC metadata standards info, and metadata server links
dot.gif (71 bytes)ARC/INFO tutorial Home Page
dot.gif (71 bytes)USGS Node of the National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse:
dot.gif (71 bytes)U.S. Geological Survey "What is GIS" page
dot.gif (71 bytes)Ohio State's GIS Gateway to Information
dot.gif (71 bytes)ImageNet(sm) Welcome Page
dot.gif (71 bytes)Association of Research Libraries Atlas at University of Minnesota
dot.gif (71 bytes)Government/Local Government, Cadastral, and Land Records
dot.gif (71 bytes)
Online Resources for Earth Scientists
dot.gif (71 bytes)Wildland Fire Assessment System
dot.gif (71 bytes)National Park Service
dot.gif (71 bytes)Army Corps of Engineers
dot.gif (71 bytes)Michigan Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds
dot.gif (71 bytes)Wisconsin
dot.gif (71 bytes)Great Outdoor Recreation Page
dot.gif (71 bytes)Woodall's Camping & RVing in the Great Outdoors


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