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Ecology and Management of Riparian/Aquatic Ecosystems




Research Mission
Improve understanding of how we can use, and still sustain riparian and aquatic ecosystems.

Research Programs

Develop and test classification methods for riparian and aquatic systems at selected scales.

bullet Understand the structure and function of riparian and aquatic ecosystems, their ecological processes, and linkages to external systems.
bulletDevelop new tools for managing riparian and aquatic ecosystems that are adaptable to a diversity of landscape conditions and societal values.


Randall K. Kolka, Project Leader, contact

Carrie Dorrance, Hydrologic Technician, contact

Trisha Hakala, Administrative Assistant, contact

Doug Kastendick, Forestry Technician, contact

Josh Kraagthorpe, Physical Scientist, Technician, contact

Donna Olson, Hydrologic Technician, contact

Jacqueline Kuykendall, Computer Specialist, contact

Richard (Deacon) Kyllander, Hydrologic Technician, contact

Doris Nelson, Physical Sciences Technician, contact

Anne Timm, PhD Student, Scientist Research Initiative

Eric Troumbly, Facilities Manager, contact




Cooperators from the University of Minnesota

Peter Weishampel, Post Doctorate, 218-326-7134
Mark Gabriel, Post Doctorate

Graduate Students

Michelle Martin, M.S. Student, University of Minnesota
Jason McClure, M.S. Student, Michigan Technological University
Stacie Olszwski, M.S. Student, University of Minnesota
Dan Tersteeg, M.S. Student, University of Minnesota
Emma Witt, M.S. Student, University of Minnesota

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