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United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service.

Ecology and Management of Riparian and Aquatic Ecosystems

[photo:] Stream running through a sunlight forest.

We classify aquatic and riparian systems and improve understanding of the physical, social, and biological factors that influence the health of riparian and aquatic ecosystems. Based on this understanding, we develop standards, guidelines, and best management practices for riparian zones. These new tools help planners and managers meet the needs of people who intensively use these areas while sustaining the quality and quantity of our water resources.

Our research focuses on:

Restoration Studies - Our research tests restoration methods to understand their influence on nutrient and carbon processing, surface water quality and aquatic biota.  More.

Mercury Studies- Our research aims at understanding how mercury gets into our surface waters and if there are watershed management techniques that either enhance or deter these inputs. More.

Carbon Studies- Our research aims at understanding sinks and sources of carbon, where they occur, and if management can affect these pools. More.

Best Management Practices - Our research continues to test and improve on current recommendations for forest managers, especially those related to areas near surface waters and wetlands. More.

Agricultural Studies - Our current research focuses on moving from single crop systems to multi-crop, diversified landscapes to improve water quality and enhance native biodiversity while still providing economic benefits to the farmer.  More.

Long-Term Research, the Marcell Experimental Forest - The MEF contains six experimental watersheds, each consisting of an upland portion and a peatland that is the source of a stream leaving the watershed. These unique features provide a wide range of hydrological environments to study. More.

You may search our Station's Knowledge Store for online publications related to:

Riparian, aquatic, mercury, carbon, best management practices

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